Funeral Stationery

Funeral stationery is a simple way of personalising a funeral and provides an opportunity to create a unique commemoration to the person who has died. We provide an exclusive range of beautiful funeral stationery designs. All designs can be personalised and tailored to suit your exact wishes.

Our funeral stationery range includes the following products:

Orders of Service:
• Add a personal touch to the funeral service
• Provide the congregation with something to follow during the service
• Provide a precious keepsake for family and friends
• Can be sent to friends or relatives who are unable to attend the funeral

Attendance Cards:
• Are an ideal way to collect a record of everyone that attended the funeral
• Enable families to thank attendees afterwards

Memorial Cards and Bookmarks:
• Provide a lasting memento to be kept by family and friends
• Can be sent following the funeral to thank those who attended

Keepsake Cards:
• Provide a lasting memento to be kept by family and friends
• Small enough to fit comfortably inside your purse or wallet

Books of Condolence:
• Range of designs to match the Order of Service
• Can be ordered with or without an Order of Service
• Can be placed in the chapel of rest for family and friends to write memories in. Alternatively, they can be handed to the congregation before and after the service

Canvas Prints:
• Add a personal touch to the funeral
• May be displayed in the hearse, on top of the coffin and then taken home and kept as a long-lasting keepsake


Our range of funeral stationery designs:


Forget me not

In anticipation of the day we meet again.

Simple worship.jpg

Simple Worship

A simple and clean design, for an elegant, timeless feel.

Dawn forest.jpg

Dawn Forest

Reminiscent of a peaceful walk in the woods.

Floral lace.jpg

Floral Lace

A timeless and simple design that can be used with or without a photo on the front cover.

White lily.jpg

White Lily

When no one else can fill their space.

Above the clouds.jpg

Above the Clouds

Where a sense of serenity comforts